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RUDMEC believes that information is a vital resource for decision-making at all levels of human activity. The success or failure of individual activities today depends heavily on the handling of information and understanding of local communication systems. All areas of socio-economic development call for the timely provision and use of relevant and reliable information .The physical and social aspects of poverty are manifested by lack of awareness and understanding essential information. Therefore, for any development program to succeed, social mobilization, timely and relevant information should be at fore front of the planning strategy.
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Improving sanitation for the rural communities by promoting the construction of ecosan toilets techn.
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Improving food security through sustainable land management within Mt. Elgon region.
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Transport and communication in the mountainous rural areas are usually a problem that hampers access to would be markets.
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Access to clean and safe water is a basic need for all and RUDMEC is engaged in action campaigns of promoting simple technologies of water harvesting at household and institutional levels.
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Tree planting is a major intervention in responding to climate change challenges, RUDMEC- Sarah Kisolo distributing tree seedlings to the environmental club of Buhugu primary school at a campaign of “Trees for Life” in Mount Elgon area.
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RUDMEC training local women to recycle banana peels to charcoal briquettes by using simple technology. When most people think of renewable energy, they think of wind, solar and hydroelectric. However, there’s another source of energy that is created every day within our communities from bio-degradable waste materials. Uganda is a banana eating country, and over the years waste management has proved a big challenge to both policy makers and the communities themselves. This will soon be history as RUDMEC in collaboration with other CSOs train communities and demonstrate that waste management has made investments to put the bio-degradable materials to reuse, that means recycling, while in other cases that means creating clean energy for domestic use.
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RUDMEC livelihood projects for the women and youths within Mount Elgon project areas.

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